[FREE] How To Convert ECM & BIN Files To ISO using UltraISO

Firstly, here’s the link (This is totally free, you don’t need the premium version to do this):


1. Download & Install UltraISO.
2. Convert ECM/BIN files to ISO

1. Instructions to download & install UltraISO:

1. Go to this website:
2. Next to the language that you speak, choose “Download Site #1”. If it doesn’t work, choose “Download Site #2”.
*Once you click on it, it should automatically start downloading.
3. Once the download is finished, click on the .exe file. (uiso9_pe.exe or something like that.)
4. Select “Run” if it asks. If not, then ignore this step.
5. Press “Next”, accept the agreement, press “Next” again a few more times, and select “Install”.
*If it needs to automatically close applications, then click next again.
6. Finally, click on “Finish”.
7. Select “Continue to try…” when the option comes up.

2. Instructions to Convert ECM/BIN files to ISO.

1. Go to “Tools”, and select “Convert…”
2. Under “Input Image Filename(s)”, go to the dots on the right (…).
3. Choose the ECM/BIN file you wanted converted and click “Open”.
4. Under “Output Format”, make sure that “Standard ISO (.ISO) is selected.
5. Click “Convert” at the bottom.
6. After the green bar gets completely filled, you should be done!

Nguồn: https://svabc.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://svabc.org/game/
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    Beth Scala
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • nice tutorial!

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • it doesn't recognize ecm files? i cannot choose it to convert i mean…

    anyone know how to fix this?

    jonas nielsen
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • This does not work on ECM files, only BIN files, just like the BIN file you had in your video. Don't get people to download software for nothing.

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Thanks!

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • What if a game has multiple bin files?

    red crimson102
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • thanks

    V-nay Aya
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • I can't find the all files option

    Justin Hanratty
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Full working this step by step

    Gaming Zone
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Nice sir

    Gaming Zone
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Hah,yeah,it unknow what actually my image was..(Is a vocaloid setup bro!)

    •Sheepy Aries•
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • so yeah what about games witth multiple discs?

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • when loading iso file, ePSXe crashes D::::::::::::::::::::

    『 Lui 』
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • i made it go to 1000 subs, you're welcome

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Thanks, this was really helpful!

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Literally all you need to to for bin files is rename them and give them the .iso extension and they work perfectly fine. Just a heads up, you DONT need to install a program to rename a file for you

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • What if my game came with 2 bin files? (Track 1.bin + Track 2.bin)

    Biosystem Studios
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Program works perfectly!!!Thanks!!!

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Worked with my bin. files fine…your really helpful.. Was try so hard to use my noodle and work out how to play x files (love it on ps2 lol) and this was so easy and well described..Thank you sir 🙂

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Mine opens the game yet its a black screen and im on petes 1.77 d3d thing and it is yet to work…

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • People like you deserve more recognition, you've saved my life tonight!

    Keno Bowerman
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Hi. UltraISO worked for the first ECM file I converted. Now every time it says "Invalid or unknown file image format!". The ECM files all come from the same site, including the first one that worked fine. The first one continues to work fine. Most perplexing.

    Manifestations 2
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • I was wondering what this was needed for : 0 ecm and bin files to iso

    Togi Poo
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • 1:09
    ''ISO 9660 Volume Not found!''

    Line ThB
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • UltraISO doesn't seem to read .ecm files; there's no "all files" option when I try to convert.

    Posted July 14, 2020
  • Well done! !

    Oak Java
    Posted July 14, 2020

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