Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

Excercise Files:

Username: manuals
Password: password

Introduction 0:03
What is VBA? 1:44
Object Oriented Programming Languages 5:59
Turning on the Developer Tab 10:17
The Macro Recorder 13:40
Using Relative References 20:39
Recording Simple Macros 27:51
Multi-Step Macro Recording 39:25
Sort and Filter Macro Recording 45:26
Protecting and Formatting Sheets with the Macro Recorder 51:35
VBA Interface Setup 55:09
Recorder Code vs. Manual Code 1:01:11
Introduction to Editing Macros 1:12:28
Debugging Macros 1:16:53
Grammar in VBA 1:28:00
Macro Scripting Basics 1:33:04
Range 1:40:41
Selection & Color 1:47:14
Value and Clear 1:52:16
ActiveSheet, Sheets, and Name 1:54:01
CurrentRegion 1:56:40
Practice 1:58:08

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  • Just recording macros > UFFFFFFFF

    Less than 5 minutes
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • This recorded task in macro can I use in different excel work book also. Say every day if I have to perform a action . If 1 day it records does it execute every day in a new work book

    Sayan Majumder
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • I have a row with negative & Positive Values in Multiple Columns. How do I hide the Columns with Negative Values

    vishu rakesh rego
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • where are the other videos?

    sudhir bhatt
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Your voice amazing.

    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Really a great & simple way of teaching. Really liked the way you taught.

    kupendra reddy
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • i am not able to get these files

    Fiza Ahmed
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • i enjoyed listening to your tutorials so much, love the way you speak and explaining👍🏻 easy to understand.

    SYin Lee
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Where to get the simple macros file

    Aarya Bhatt
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • This is awesome if you are beginner just watch this video. It is really helpful

    Raja Guru
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • This is very helpful, thank you!

    Rashna Pandit
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • thank you very much

    vikram tuscano
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Hi. Just wanted to ask the SS# macro for extracting the last four digits only work with a given amount of data. Say I have 5 social security numbers and it only works for those 5. However when I add a neww social security number, the formatting does not seem to work. How can I solve this?

    Md. Faraaz Nasir Hosain
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Getting used to this video's great visual and sound quality will be very disadvantageous when watching other tutorials, as they are mostly low quality.

    عبد الرحمن اليزيدي
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Excellent job. Thank you

    elnaz mohabbattalab
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Who came up with this crazy stupid code?

    jen monami
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Hi, I just started watching this tutorial, but I noticed that I can't save the file with macro, I got this message "Be careful: part of your document may include personal information that can't be removed by the document inspector" and when I close the file I loose the recorded macro, any advice ? thanks

    Hussein Ahmed
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Very interi Video..She made it very simple, with examples

    For beginners must watch this video to have a good start….

    Muthu Kumar
    Posted July 19, 2020
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    Punhan Muradli
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Best VBA lesson I have take so far. I bought many books but lost interest on the complexity. Thanks for making it so simple and interestingly. God bless you, Dan and team in this channel

    J Loo
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • I really enjoyed the content, especially without any VBA awareness. Thank you very much for the great work

    Naushard Saheed
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Hi I want to learn VBA in details. Please help me. Thanks

    San D
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • at 53:10 you locked the cells? didnt really get that. can you please explain.

    The Old School Girl
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Thank you very much for producing these highly informative videos. Also interested in video and photo editing, I am considering a switch from Windows to Mac. However, Excel is also a passion for me. Would Excel for Mac be a disappointment for me?

    60 beats
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Hello sir..
    I think you forgot to give the exercise file which is in the video from 45:26.
    Please add it.

    gaurav mishra
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Dear Mam, I need to select multiple or all options from the list box and proceed for next options. please help me with the VBA web scrapping code to select for the below list box html data.

    <select name="selectedCampaign" id="campaign" class="campaign" style="width:200px" multiple="multiple" onchange="getAgents();">

    <option value="AAAAAAAA">AAAAAAAA</option>

    <option value="BBBBBBB">BBBBBBB</option>

    <option value="CCCC">CCCC</option>

    <option value="DDDDD">DDDDD</option>

    <option value="EEEEE">EEEEE</option>

    <option value="FFFFF">FFFFF</option>

    <option value="GGG">GGG</option>

    <option value="HHHHH">HHHHH</option>

    <option value="IIIIII">IIIIII</option>

    <option value="JJJJJ">JJJJJ</option>

    <option value="KKK">KKK</option>

    <option value="WELCOME">WELCOME</option>


    D Shekar
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • I Couldn't download the zip file.
    It shows it is only for browse.
    What should I do?

    Amad Hussen
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • 1.25X speed squad!

    Raghav Pai
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Great video! Easy to follow steps, and pleasant on the ears!

    James McCann
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • this is epic!

    Tak naprawdę
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • how to download that simple macros exercise file ? 🙂

    rupesh kunwar
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • My VBA window doesn't look as nicely as yours with each view panel scrolled in each other. For me the "VBA Project" panel and "Code" panel are still having their "Minimize", "Maximize", and "Close" buttons.

    Kossivi AGLEE
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • I am getting syntax error during the first macro. Following video to the T and still getting error. Using windows 10. Any suggestions?

    William Wilbanks
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • just great!!!!

    digital eye
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Has anyone cracked this yet? I'm trying to create a macro that shows me the last time a tab was edited (actually edited not just opened) and have it show up on each tab so I can track when people are completing work. But I cant get it to work :/ not even sure its possible at this point….

    liam hickson
    Posted July 19, 2020
  • Hi, its a good course easy to learn. tell me please which comes after this VBA Advanced? or VBA Expert course? thank you

    Sumsaam Ali
    Posted July 19, 2020

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