Charades for Kids from Pressman Toy

Charades for Kids is the classic game of charades with simple ideas and suggestions which engage kids of all ages. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info:
Charades for Kids is the classic game of charades but for the kids. This set comes with a sand timer, game die and 150 charades cards. This game is for 3 or more players. The youngest player starts by rolling the die. The number on the die corresponds with the number of the charade on the card. The timer starts and the player starts to act out the charade. Actions and noise are all allowed, just no words. Each player gets one guess until the timer runs out. The player who guesses the charade keeps the card and the first player to collect 3 cards wins. Pictures on each game card are a way to include players who can’t read just yet. The prompts on the cards are varied and range from acting out Caterpillars, to fishing.


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  • My family and I played this game yesterday for Thanksgiving, we had a ball. We had people ages 5 to 65 playing and we laughed so hard. I loved the rolling the dice to pick which thing you act out. It was very interactive.

    Faith in all things W
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • I have that game in my class room

    Jeanette Adames
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • 2end

    imm5347 ag
    Posted July 14, 2020
  • first

    Shanty Jessica
    Posted July 14, 2020

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