Benza English Series One Cast Interview | Prime Video

Actress Shizuka Anderson, who plays the charmingly clueless Carol in Benza English, challenges a drinking game in the latest edition of Five question in Five Minutes. How much did she have to drink? Find out in this video!


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The classroom is a bar. The grammar teacher is a ghost. The lessons are about pickup lines and put downs. Welcome to “Benza English,” where you will learn all the English you never knew you needed to know! Chris, Kyle, and the gang from “The Benza” all return to help host Kaori and an all new cast of outlandish characters teach English in this comedic educational spin-off series!

想像の斜め上を行く英会話番組「Benza English」!

Kaori Ikeda, Maria Papadopoulou, Aver Hamilton II, Masahito Kawahata, Kyle Card, Christopher McCombs, Haku Inko, Janni Olsson, Michiko Noguchi, Lee Min Kuk, Hannah Grace, and Alexander Hunter

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