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Nama:Bu Gen Nangis Denger Curhat Anak-anak Gen Halilintar!
Durasi:18 mnt 48 dtk
Dipublikasikan:24 Desember 2017
Description::This is The Gen Halilintar Second Channel
Mom, Dad and Eleven Kids

Gen Halilintar an "edu-fashion-travel-preneur" family, Mom, Dad with Eleven Kids, we are You Tube Content Creators (within Top 10 Top YouTubers Indonesia)

Gen Halilintar is Key Opinion Leader, Influencer, Businessman, Motivator, Traveller, Singer
All Segment target: Man, Woman, Baby, Child, Teen, Adult, Parent

For Business Inquiry/Endorsement :
Email :
+62857 33366 755/+628788 156 1313 / +6287772592010
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @genhalilintar

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